Supported Career InitiativesEmploying people with disabilities

Cosmo's Supported Career Initiatives is a non-profit program that provides supported employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Supported employment is a placement at a business where the individuals in the program are supported with the guidance of an Employment Support Worker. There is a focus on teaching and helping the individuals to be employed in their community. Participants learn job skills such as how to interact with co-workers, job safety, and accountability to their work. Employing people with disabilities is the primary objective.

The individuals are assessed to ensure that their employment placements and learning activities reflect their needs, goals and abilities. On-going training is provided to enhance social skills and work skills to maintain employment.

A few of the current job contracts include:

Employing people with disabilities Employing people with disabilities
Employing people with disabilities Employing people with disabilities
Individuals at various work placements.

Employing people with disabilities

For businesses looking to hire the individuals, there are a few things you should know.....

The individuals of the Supported Career Initiatives bring with them the
following qualities to each employment placement:

Looking to hire and employ people with disabilities? Here is the process to hire and employ the participants...

Please note that there are set holidays which consist of three weeks per year, all statutory holidays as well as one scheduled staff training day. During these times the contract fee is prorated. Businesses are informed of these days well in advance.

For more information on employment of people with disabilities and to find out more about the services we can provide for you and your business, please contact:

Suzanne Hermann , Public Relations & Career Initiatives Consultant
Phone: (306)569-0535 ext. 237
Facsimile: (306)569-5858

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