Community Connections

The Community Connections area is a non-profit program which assists participants to be actively involved in their community through volunteerism and paid jobs.  This includes in-centre job contracts which are brought into the Centre from businesses within the community for participants to complete. The contracts consist of a variety of tasks that can include folding mail-out material, labelling, stuffing envelopes, sealing, collating and more.  The wages earned from job contracts are shared amongst the participants who are involved in the contracts.  Volunteer programs include quality opportunities to enhance participation in areas of interest to individuals based on person-centered planning.  

Individualized program design is carefully considered in order to include training in social skills, domestic skills and functional skills. Programs are continually evaluated based on the interests of the participant.

Participants also receive vocational training where a variety of skills are taught, practiced and implemented in practical settings to provide natural learning.  Vocational videos and interactive games are also used as learning tools.

Recreation and leisure is also a component of the Community Connections program.  Opportunities to take part in a variety of recreational activities in-centre and in the community are provided.  Participants often attend tours of different facilities and events within the community.  Community awareness is a vital aspect of consideration and many guests from a variety of community organizations/agencies are brought in for educational and entertainment purposes.   



In-Centre Job Contracts

Opportunities for in-centre job contracts and volunteer work are available with the participants.  This involves job contracts which are brought in to the Centre by businesses and companies within the community for participants to complete.  Contracts can consist of a variety of tasks such as large mail outs, labelling, stuffing envelopes and more.  


For more information on partnering with the participants and to inquire about what services we can provide for you and your business, please contact:

Rosalind Sinclair, Assistant Coordinator
Phone: (306) 569-0535 ext. 238
Facsimile: (306)569-5858